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Welcome to Pop-Up Labs for STEAM

Pop-Up Labs for STEAM (PULS) operates a mobile science lab that pops up at schools, youth organizations, and public areas to provide action-oriented enrichment opportunities in sustainable learning by demonstrating a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts+design, and mathematics) approach to students across O'ahu. 

The Lab "pops up" at schools, youth organizations, and public areas all across Oʻahu and stays for extended periods of time to enable students to dig deep into STEAM and sustainable learning. ​

  • Open to students grades Pre-K to 12

  • Variety of sustainability-based lessons

  • Hands-on lab modules

  • Taught by trained staff and core volunteers

  • Join us in person or virtually

PULS offers an autonomous teaching opportunity for teachers. Borrow our loaner PULS-in-a-Box. It includes our lesson plans and lab supplies.

PULS can come to a school or community event for outreach and education.

Where are we now?
Windward YMCA
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PULS in numbers

New Resources


Become a Water Watcher Stewardship Project

With generous funding from Hawaii Community Foundation's Freshwater Initiative,

PULS has launched a unique program to address the State's freshwater resource.The project provides scientific education on freshwater followed by taking action on campus to conserve freshwater use.

New Resources



Borrow our units and lab supplies for free. We offer guidance on how to teach the lesson plans which you can then tailor to your classroom needs.

Units available:

Bee Part of the Solution

Coral Reef Scientists in Training

Freshwater Guardians in Training


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